Dear People of Kind Hearts,

Maciuś is a beautiful, vivid child. Unfortunately, he has been deaf-mute from birth. Many years’ strenuous rehabilitation in which Maciuś’ mother takes an active part, promises well for child’s future recovery of custom writing paper speech. Maciuś continuously needs educational and didactic aids, materials for speech therapy, computer games, interactive toys, books and many other expensive materials, which are not available for common sale. The child’s single mum cannot afford big expenditures, since she spends all the money on medical care.

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That is why we make this appeal for help. Any financial support, in fight for Maciek’s health, matters. Links that will direct you to sample educational and didactic aids are available in the news [nowości] section. Apart from that you can take part in a permanent auction to collect money for rehabilitation, deaf-aids, various equipment that reinforces child’s hearing and implants. The list of expenses is long, but the treatment begins to bring measurable results. Help Maciek hear the world- birds singing, raindrops falling, rustle of the trees…

These are the bank accounts of the foundation ”Zdążyć z pomocą” and a personal bank account of Maciek’s mum:

Foundation Fundacja Dzieciom ”Zdążyć z pomocą”
ul. Lomianska 5
01-685 Warszawa
KRS: 0000037904
Account number: Bank PKO.SA.I O/Warszawa 41 1240 1037 1111  0010  1321 9362
with annotation: „darowizna na rzecz Macieja Oswiecinskiego.5069”

The account number of Maciek’s mum:
Bank PKO BP.SA.I O/Monki 50 1020 1332 0000 1802 0336 7422

Tłumaczenie na język angielski wykonała:
Natalia Grąziowska
Ul.Kasztelańska 14/10